Original Indonesian Food Recipes - Rendang Padang From Western Sumatera

Original Indonesian Food Recipes
Rendang Padang

First cuisine western Sumatra
120 cooking time

Original Indonesian Food Recipes, Rendang dry desert, is one of the typical dishes originating from Indonesia western Sumatra precisely in the field and is always one family's favorite menu, shall be at the table when the
big day and how to make it difficult not only need patience: D +


2 kg of lean beef, cut into medium size.
4 cans of coconut milk
ground spices :
200 gr onion
150 gr garlic
200 gr galangal
150 gr ginger
red pepper according to taste
2 stalks lemongrass
lime leaves, bay leaf +

Step: Original Indonesian Food Recipes

Boil the meat with spices plus seasoning, do not add water.
boiled until the meat is dry.
On the other stoves heat the coconut milk, stirring until slightly dry.
Mix meat and coconut milk, cook over low heat, wait until dry while stirring occasionally used the back of a wooden spoon. Try using non-stick pan so the meat is not destroyed even if cooked long.


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